policies & procedures

Key Policy

Key Policy

We have 2 main options for ensuring your sitter will have access into your home so that your pet can be provided care:


Key on File Our preferred method is to have a house key provided at the meet & greet to be copied and kept on file. For security, keys are kept secure and cannot be traced back to your home. 


Lockbox If you cannot provide us with a key to copy, another option is to use a lockbox to keep on your property for your sitter to access. Your sitter will return the keys back to the lockbox so that you have them upon your return home. Here is an example of lockbox that can be purchased online.

If you are unable to provide a key to copy or lockbox option, a key pickup/drop off fee will be applied. Please note: we cannot hide keys in unsecured location on your property due to our liability insurance.



Payments can be made on your TimetoPet account.

with credit/debit card or ACH/e-check


Other ways you can pay:

venmo, cash or check

Payment is due in full by the date of the first scheduled sit. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Booked Sits (Non-Holiday): Please give 24 hours notice or you will be charged for the full cost of the sit.


Holiday Bookings: Please give 7 days notice, or you will be charged 50% of invoice.*Holiday bookings

include sits that are within 3 days of a major holiday (see below for which holidays we consider major.

In cases of unavoidable circumstances causing a late cancellation, we may issue a credit equal to the cancelled service.


Late Booking Fee

Late Booking Fee

Non-Holiday Bookings: Please book sits (for non-holidays) at least 3 days in advance or a late booking fee will be applied to your invoice.

Holiday Bookings: Any bookings made less than 10 days before a major holiday will be charged a late booking fee.

100% of late booking fees go to your sitter as they may need to make changes to their personal schedule to accommodate late service requests. Late Booking fees will be included on your invoice.

Holiday Booking

Holiday Fee

Major holidays are subject to a holiday fee of +$5 per service.


Major holidays include:

New Years Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

100% of holiday fees go to your sitter and will be included on your invoice.