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our story

our story

It all started back in 2010 when I was living in my home town of Albany, NY and working for a small local cat sitting business. I found the work to be so rewarding and so much fun! I loved being able to spend time with cats (they're so much fun to cuddle, pet and play with!!) and being able to help customers feel at ease (instead of worried and stressed on their vacation) was an amazing feeling.

I worked as a cat sitter for Twenty Toes Cat Sitting for 4 years until I moved across the state.

I loved cat sitting so much & really missed doing it, so when I moved to the Buffalo area I decided to try starting my own cat sitting business. So far it's been a wonderful and exciting journey!

When I first started Buffa-Fluff it was just me doing all of the sits. Over the last few years we have gotten several more customers so I turned to a fellow cat lover who I knew I could trust, my husband, Mitchell, to help out with running the business and helping out with cat sits. We both absolutely love our little business and being able to work with cats!

In December of 2018, we hired a fellow cat lover, Canaan, from the South Buffalo area. She's been helping out with cat sits ever since. Then in December 2019, the following year, we welcomed Ryan, of the North Buffalo area to help out around the busy holiday time and he's been sitting for Buffa-Fluff on a regular basis since then.